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Providing the focus and expertise organizations need to sustainably improve and implement long-lasting perimeter solutions designed to protect their valuable assets.

Why Vanquish

Animal Deterrent

VANQUISH’s Animal Deterrent Systems fences are a proactive approach in the fight to keep small crawling animals from interfering with electrical equipment and creating the potential for power outages.

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The VANQUISH Non-Conductive Fence creates an impressive physical barrier that does not conduct electricity or allow induced voltage; and it is compatible with the patented VANQUISH Animal Guard System!

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VANQUISH’s Security Systems create an impressive physical barrier that serves to deter and delay the would-be intruder while added security systems can detect the intrusive behavior and notify the proper response team.

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VANQUISH - Improving Reliability Every Day

For over 15 years, our dedicated team of employees have provided solutions to help improve lives, enhance equipment performance and protect the environment in ways they may not have been aware of.
Our solutions, once implemented, are “Always on Guard”.

Join the VANQUISH™ One Hundred Club!

This may sound like a marketing statement - but it is a fact.
VANQUISH has been 100% successful in stopping animal caused outages at every station where we have installed our system. Meaning, every station with a VANQUISH Animal Deterrent System has never had an animal outage since installation.

  • 100+


  • 100%


  • 100%

    Of the Time

Utilities and industry rely on substations to last for decades. Unfortunately, reliability at the station can quickly be compromised by the environment around the substation; vegetation, wildlife, erosion, and topography.