Our History

VANQUISH designs and manufactures products that modify traditional chain-link perimeter fences to protect power substation and distribution equipment from wildlife-caused outages and increase utility service reliability.

VANQUISH Fencing was founded in Morrisville, Pennsylvania in 2004 by Donald E. Moore after he read a study from the Edison Electric Institute, which stated that animals were the second highest cause of power outages in the United States and Canada.   After researching the problem through a series of ongoing interviews with representatives of three major electric utilities; PECO Energy in Philadelphia, New York State Electric and Gas, and Duke Energy of Charlotte, North Carolina, Don developed a portable roller-top fence.  The prototype was installed in conjunction with Duke Energies at a substation with a documented animal problem.  The test ran for eight seasons, just over two years, at which time the product was modified to fit the station’s perimeter fence, thus eliminating the need to double fence equipment inside the substation. Don Moore’s experience spans over 30 years across many varied occupational paths from a three year stint in the US Army’s Military Police Corp in the late seventies to the family business of Fleet Maintenance and Trailer Repair.  Later, Don spent five years as plant manager of a company that took bakery leftovers and made them into high-energy poultry supplements which he sold to companies such as Perdue and Holly Farms.  From there, he moved into the breadcrumb business where truck loads of unsold bread loaves were toasted into bread crumbs which were then marketed to big-brand name companies including Progresso Foods.   When these companies were sold, Don spent seven years attending night school and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Rider University in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.  While attending classes at Rider and with the help of a friend, Don sat for the Series Seven Financial Securities License test and spent a number of years with Prudential Securities.  From there, Don moved his career to Smith Barney as a financial advisor specializing in retirement planning and investing, which led him to New York City and for a time, he directed the business development department of the first online streaming financial news service. It was after the Northeast Blackout of 2003 that Don came accross the Edison Electric Institute Study while he was working in New York City and researching investor owned utilities. When he read that animal contact with power equipment was the second highest cause of power outages in North America, the entrepreneurial bug took hold. Vanquish Fencing was born and Don began his quest to reduce power outages caused by animals by simply asking the utility industry to rethink the way it views the perimeter fence currently in use at substations. Vanquish is committed to providing the electrical power industry with customized turnkey solutions that mitigate animal-caused outages which in turn improve system reliability and profitability.   Don and his team work closely with individual utility companies to develop complete custom fence solutions. For more information on how VANQUISH Fencing can help reduce animal-caused outages and increase service reliability in your power substations contact VANQUISH today.

VANQUISH Fencing Systems