Installation Pictures

VANQUISH’s Animal Deterrent System creates a safe, secure, and intimidating environment that adds to the overall appearance and protection of the substation.

IMG_0089-a IMG_0169-m IMG_0736-m IMG_1664-w Picture-131-m IMG_1713-w IMG_0062-m IMG_0066-m IMG_0077-m IMG_0206-m IMG_0551-m IMG_0818-m IMG_0843-m IMG_0847-m IMG_0856a-m IMG_0879-m IMG_1062-m IMG_1927-m IMG_2810-m IMG_8104-m IMG_8110-m

Standard V-Channel System Picture Archive

Site 00130 Site 00219 Site 00333
Site 00502 Site 00616 Site 00736
Site 00803 Site 01112 Site 01306
Site 01734 Site 01837 Site 01910
Site 02111 Site 02338 Site 02559
Site 02618

Modified V-Channel System Picture Archive

Site 00435 Site 00928 Site 01026
Site 02441 Site 02721

Semi-Portable Fence System Picture Archive

Site 01984
Our product can pay for itself with just one prevented outage!

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