VANQUISH™ Product Lines

Mitigating Unwanted Access to Electrical Substations – The average age of substation perimeter fences in the United States is currently 40 years old.  Coupled with the fact that existing substation fences, by design, do little to nothing in preventing animals or people from gaining access it becomes clear that it is time to change the way we view the substation fence.


VANQUISH™ PATENTED Animal Deterrent Systems

VANQUISH™ Architectural Security Systems

VANQUISH™ Ballistic Protection Systems

VANQUISH™ CIP Security Guard Deterrent Systems

VANQUISH™ Crash Guard Deterrent Systems

VANQUISH™ Non-Conductive Deterrent Systems

VANQUISH™ Security Guard Deterrent Systems  

VANQUISH™ Systems are environmentally friendly and safe to use.  Controlling or eliminating access altogether prevents interacting with electrical equipment reducing the threat of it becoming inoperative.

VANQUISH™ Systems require no ongoing maintenance and has the same life expectancy as a standard chain link perimeter fence - so you can just install them and forget about them.  They are permanent components of the substation.  Our goal is to create an environment that is safe and secure for your equipment and intimidating to intruders while adding to the overall appearance and protection of the substation.

VANQUISH Fencing Systems