Animal Deterrent Perimeter Fencing

VANQUISHTM Animal Deterrent System

The Animal Deterrent System is a proactive approach in the fight to keep small crawling animals out of substations, thereby preventing interference with electrical equipment and the potential for power outages.

VANQUISH Systems are environmentally friendly and safe to use. They protect the substation by deterring small crawling animals, such as snakes, squirrels, raccoons, rats, iguanas, frogs, and feral cats, from entering the substation environment in the first place. Eliminating access altogether prevents the animal from interacting with the electrical equipment and being harmed. It also protects the electrical equipment from becoming inoperative, which could result in power outages and customer dissatisfaction. Electric utilities spend millions of dollars a year repairing damage caused by animals entering the substation and making contact with high-dollar electrical equipment. In most cases, the animal does not survive the encounter, and the resulting outage caused by the incident is experienced by thousands of customers – possibly for an extended period.

VANQUISH’s Animal Deterrent System requires no ongoing maintenance and has the same life expectancy as a standard chain-link fence, so you can just install it and forget about it. It is a permanent component of the substation that does not have to be removed to perform maintenance to the enclosed equipment it protects.

Our goal is to create an environment that is safe and secure for your equipment and intimidating to intruders while adding to the overall appearance and protection of the substation.



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VANQUISH’s Perimeter Fence Solutions have proven to be an investment in reliability that essentially guarantees effectiveness. Not only do we improve reliability performance, we improve customer satisfaction. All the while improving the environment for small crawling animals.

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