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Our Standard Security Perimeter Fence Systems are designed to secure the perimeter, therefore deterring acts of vandalism that may damage equipment.

A brief history – until recently facility perimeter security consisted mainly of chain link fencing.  Which became a popular solution to perimeter security sometime around 1898 with the beginnings of industrialized manufacturing in the United States.  It is still in heavy use today, mainly because it’s a relatively cost-effective perimeter fence solution.  Its widely accepted qualities are; transparency, strength, and ease of installation.  Chain link fence can be found on government installations, schools, commercial facilities, and airports.  For all of its strengths the one major weakness is that chain link fences can easily be circumvented. 

This simple issue has forced the industry to rethink perimeter protection solutions in today’s world.

Using expanded metal mesh panels produced from solid sheets of carbon steel or aluminum in place of chain link fabric features anti-climb and anti-cut properties inherent to the metal. The fabric is installed using a series of innovative post clamp fittings by which the mesh is then attached to a round post and roll formed line rail framework. The entire system is designed to be extremely flexible and can be customized for not only use in substations, but also for rail lines, power plants, schools, corporate facilities, manufacturing plants, airports, and prisons. With several different expanded metal mesh options to choose from, the expanded metal fence system provides the strength of steel and the benefit of added peace of mind.

In areas where wind load or visibility is a concern VANQUISH offers the option of installing welded wire fabric in place of standard chain link fabric or expanded metal.  Welded wire is most often requested by security and safety experts, architects and construction management consultants.  Welded wire fabric is constructed from premium steel that is galvanized after welding with pure zinc that protects the wire from corrosion. Used to protect thousands of installations like embassies, borders, airports, power plants, prisons, military bases and utility substations.

According to a report published by the Congressional Research Service, a 2013 rifle attack on an electric power substation in California became the catalyst for the United States electric power sector to move toward greater physical security protection of critical assets.

The report published in March 2018 begins with the premise that securing the electric power grid is among the nation’s highest priorities for critical infrastructure protection.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the nation’s electric reliability organization NERC also acted to develop new reliability standards for the physical security of bulk power critical infrastructure.

The VANQUISH CIP Security Guard Systems incorporate the latest state of the art perimeter and secondary barrier protection products available.  We can assist in protecting your valuable assets and guard against the greatest risks to reliability and liability!

Combine any of the fabric options with VANQUISH’s PATENTED Animal Deterrent System and you eliminate animal activity in the protected area.

When used in conjunction with motion detectors or video surveillance tools, the number of false alarms is greatly reduced, helping facilities personnel to deter, detect, and delay intruders.

In most cases, the Security Fence System can pay for itself after one prevented break-in attempt.

The combined system creates a safe, secure, and intimidating environment, adding to the overall appearance and protection of the secured area.



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For all of its strengths, the chain link fence has one major weakness; it can easily be circumvented. This simple issue has forced the industry to rethink perimeter protection solutions in today’s world.

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