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Interior Modular Fence System

VANQUISH™ designed a unique system to address the need to prevent small crawling animals from gaining access to select areas of a larger substations. This solution encompasses the most successful features of previous designs, resulting in a “modular” solution.

The Interior Modular Fence System was developed to address the situations in which the sheer size of the substation, or the higher voltage areas of most of the equipment, do not allow for a complete perimeter fence install.

This system is installed easily by fence contractors or utility employees and designed to have a project completed in a matter of hours, instead of weeks.

The Interior Modular Fence System upholds the VANQUISH standard of preventing small crawling animals from digging under the fence fabric, gaining access through corners, or climbing out and over an area of instability. This fence also includes removable sections, allowing for unfettered access to protected substation equipment by maintenance personnel.

Download this information sheet on the Interior Modular Fence System


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