VANQUISH Standard V-Channel System (SVCS)

Our original product prevents small crawling animals from gaining access to the substation environment. The uniquely designed system eliminates all commonly used entry points and forces the animal to climb up into an area of instability, which prevents them from entering and interfering with the electrical equipment.

VANQUISHâ„¢ Standard V-Channel™ Deterrent System prevents animals from digging under the fence line, penetrating through the fence fabric, and gaining access at corners. The intimidating fence line adds to the overall security of the substation. When coupled with surveillance systems, the elimination of animals will reduce the number of false alarms. When installed with expanded metal fabric in place of chain link, the VANQUISH System will help facilities managers and security professionals by deterring unwarranted access, delaying attack, and enabling detection of potential problems before they arise.



VANQUISH Fencing Systems