CIP Security Guard

With the latest state of the art perimeter and secondary barrier protection products available, we can assist in protecting your valuable assets and guard against the greatest risks to reliability and liability!

VANQUISH’s goal is to add to your perimeter security by installing a system that from the onset will deter the would be intruder, delay them should they attempt entry, all the while buying valuable time for local authorities to ultimately detect the unauthorized intruders before they hurt themselves or damage high dollar substation equipment. Hardening the existing perimeter fence line or installing a new fortified perimeter fence, VANQUISH™ will design a perimeter fence system specifically to address the potential threat. Options to harden the perimeter range from guardrail fortification, anti-ram cabling, to include stand-alone anti-crash vehicle gates and/or ballistic walls. From our CIP Level 1 Security System, designed to secure the perimeter of a substation and deter acts of vandalism, to our most comprehensive solutions in LEVELS 2 & 3 aimed at protecting the most critical infrastructure assets, VANQUISH CIP Security Guard systems are never a one-size-fits-all! CIP Security Guard – Level 1 Substations prone to vandalism and copper theft are perfect examples of stations in need of VANQUISH’s Security Guard Level 1 Perimeter Fence System. Whether it be through the use of heavy gauge chain-link, welded steel wire, or expanded metal security fabric, our systems are designed to intimidate potential intruders. CIP Security Guard – Level 2 Perimeter fence lines can be hardened even further to deter assaults by vehicles, explosives, or an array of weaponry. VANQUISH™ looks at all potential threats and formulates a solution designed to meet the level of the threat potential. CIP Security Guard – Level 3 Perimeter systems 10, 12, to 24-foot high, anti-ram barriers and gates, ballistic panels and shielding, combine to remove line of sight, eliminate access points - ultimately protecting the critical infrastructure facilities across the grid.   CIP Security options include:
  • Varying Heights to meet design criteria
  • Cut & Climb Resistant Fabric
  • Crash Guard for the Perimeter and Gates
  • Integral Electronics Wiring Raceway
  • Guard Rail & Bollards
  • Ballistic Walls
  • Pre-Detonation Screening
  • Equipment Specific Ballistic Protection
  When you are serious about CIP physical security, give VANQUISH™ a call! Download the information sheet on CIP Security Guard   

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