Crash Guard Systems

Reinforce your fence line entry or perimeter with this value added solution.

Engineered to ASTM F2656-07 standards, the VANQUISH™ Crash Guard Anti-Ram Gate provides protection against vehicle threats.  This powerfully constructed solid face design will intimidate those who attempt a vehicular assault - thereby protecting your valuable assets.
  • Formidable and difficult to penetrate
  • M30P1 (K4) Engineered – 15,000 lbs. truck at 30 mph
  • Available in various gate opening sizes for custom designed solutions
  • Designed as a stand alone or an added component to an existing vehicle access gate or the VANQUISH Security Guard Gate System
  • Installation available inside or outside of the fence perimeter
  • Available with a suggested Motorized Operator
  • VANQUISH’s proprietary design is customizable for specific site applications and requirements

VANQUISH Fencing Systems