VANQUISH Modified V-Channel System with Security Upgrade (MVCSS)

Expanded metal fences create a formidable physical barrier. VANQUISH’s animal deterrent system removes animal activity in the substation. When both are used in conjunction with each other a safe, secure and intimidating environment is created. Preventing animals and people from gaining access to the station where they have the ability to cause damage and the potential for a power outage.

VANQUISH’s PATENT PENDING Animal Deterrent System prevents small crawling animals from: digging under the fence line, penetrating through the fabric, manipulating corners and most of all from climbing over the top. When the fence fabric is upgraded from chain link material to expanded metal the VANQUISH System directly helps facilities managers and security professionals deter unwarranted access, delay attack and detect potential problems before they arise.

In most cases VANQUISH’s Animal Deterrent System can pay for itself with one prevented power outage and with security fabric upgrade one rash of copper theft prevented.



VANQUISH Fencing Systems