Security Guard

Standard Security Perimeter Fence System

VANQUISH’s Standard Security Perimeter Fence System is designed for securing the perimeter fence to deter acts of vandalism that have the potential to damage equipment.

Installation of expanded metal fabric in place of standard chain link fabric creates a security barrier that is both formidable and difficult to penetrate. It takes from 52 to 72 or more tedious individual cuts using special tools to make a hole in the expanded metal fabric big enough for an average individual to pass through, which in most cases results in deterrence, causing delay, detection, and apprehension. Expanded metal fence will not bend. It is rigid and solid with no welds that will weaken or twists that can come undone. The smaller the mesh, or opening size of the diamonds, the more difficult a fence is to climb. Most standard chain link measures approximately 2” across the diamonds. Compare that with a ½” or ¾” measurement on expanded metal. With expanded metal fence, there is no way to get a toe hold for climbing or even a strong finger hold. The expanded metal fabric is installed using a series of innovative post clamp fittings by which the mesh is then attached to a round post and roll formed line rail framework. The entire system is designed to be extremely flexible and can be installed as a new or retro-fit installation on rail lines, power plants, schools, corporate facilities, manufacturing plants, airports, prisons, not just substations. When used in conjunction with motion detectors or video surveillance tools the number of false alarms is greatly reduced. In most cases VANQUISH’s Security Fence System can pay for itself with one prevented break in attempt. Download the information sheet on Security Guard Fence System  

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