VANQUISH Substation Retro-Fit Option (SRFO)

VANQUISH’s PATENT PENDING Animal Deterrent System can be installed as a Retro-Fit to existing substation fences. A Retro-Fit Install ensures performance geared to the expectations for which the perimeter fence was originally installed, while creating a good investment with a return in security and reliability savings.

VANQUISH’s Animal Deterrent System components are easily installed on existing substation perimeter fences. The Retro-Fit Install utilizes a fabric made from a solid sheet of high tensile / low alloy steel simultaneously slit and stretched into a rigid open mesh design that will not unweave or come apart. VANQUISH uses PATENTED mounting hardware designed specifically for attaching expanded metal sheets to existing fence posts and poles. VANQUISH’s Substation Retro-Fit Option creates a safe, secure, and intimidating environment that adds to the overall appearance and protection of the substation.

In most cases VANQUISH’s Animal Deterrent System can pay for itself with one prevented power outage or one rash of copper theft prevented.



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