VANQUISH Videos Page – See for yourself how VANQUISH’S Animal Deterrent Fencing System controls animals and protects substations from outages and damage to equipment:

Standard V-Channel System Installation Video Archive

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VID00008 VID00009 VID00011 VID00012
VID00013 VID00014 VID00015 VID00016
VID00017 VID00018 VID00019 VID00020
VID00021 VID00022 VID00023 VID00024

Modified V-Channel System Installation Video Archive

VID000030 VID000040 VID000050 VID000060
VID000070 VID000080

VANQUISH Interior Modular Fence System (IMFS)

VID000010 VID000020 VID000090 VID000100
VID000110 VID000120

Squirrels Interacting With Our Test Model Video Archive

VID126 VID127 VID128 VID133
VID135 VID136 VID137 VID138
VID139 VID140 VID141 VID142
VID159 VID160 VID162 VID163

Through July 2016, Duke Energy attributed about 1,000 outages to squirrels in is service areas with at least 1,000 more outages caused by a variety of other animals, such as snakes and racoons.