Ballistic Protection Systems

VANQUISH™ Ballistic Protection 

Frontline™ Ballistic Barrier  

This patent-pending solution is designed and engineered to protect! The Frontline Ballistic Barrier system dissipates the projectile and safely directs the particles down – with the added security of theft and fire protection! This innovative approach utilizes a system of removable sections, which allows for unfettered access to critical equipment by maintenance personnel. This system requires no ongoing maintenance and has no unexplained failures.

  • Bullet protection tested
  • Sound protection proven
  • Fire protection
  • Theft protection
  • Engineered to provide a flow of air to assets inside
  • Ease of installation, utilizing standard maintenance equipment
  • Long-life cycle materials

The VANQUISH Frontline Ballistic Barrier team will provide a formidable defense for your facilities.


Ballistic Panel Wall 

The Ballistic Panel Wall™ is constructed from multiple layers of “E” glass reinforcements in a proprietary resin formulation to produce rigid panels with a smooth surface. There are three panels, of different thickness, that correspond to the UL 752 ballistic resistant performance standard Levels 1 / 2 / 3 individually. These panels can be combined to produce up to Level 8 protection. This system absorbs the impact of the projectile, retaining it to prevent dangerous ricochet. Once impacted, the layers of fiberglass reinforcement dissipate the energy of the projectile. The delamination of the multiple layers of fiberglass reinforcements then stops the projectile and traps it within the panel. Since one size does not fit all needs – VANQUISH’s ballistic wall team will provide a customized solution to meet your requirements and protection level.

Our Ballistic Protection Systems will provide an additional line of defense in protecting your facility and assets.



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According to a report published by the Congressional Research Service, a 2013 rifle attack on an electric power substation in California because the catalyst for the United States electric power sector to more toward great physical security protection of critical assets

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