The world’s largest electric utilities trust us to protect their most valuable equipment, let us protect yours. Determine which VANQUISH™ Animal Deterrent System is right for you.


Standard V-Channel System (SVCS)


Modified V-Channel System (MVCS)


Modified V-Channel System with Security Upgrade (MVCSS)


Interior Modular Fence System (IMFS)


Substation Retro-Fit Option (SRFO)


Security Fence System (SFS)

VANQUISH’s Animal Deterrent System is an upgrade to the existing perimeter fences currently installed at utility substations throughout North America. It is a “one-fence” solution to animal mitigation within the substation, eliminating the need to double fence substation equipment to protect it from contact with small crawling animals.

VANQUISH’S Animal Deterrent System is a permanent component of the substation that does not have to be removed to perform maintenance on substation equipment and requires no ongoing maintenance of its own, just install it and forget it. It is a complete, dependable, mechanical solution that provides added security and safety by making a more intimidating environment for intruders and adding to the overall appearance and protection of the substation.

There are many electric distribution systems serving roughly 145 million customers in the United States.  Reporting interruptions in electricity service vary by frequency and duration with some customers having backup generators to provide auxiliary power, unfortunately most customers are simply left without power when outages occur.