Revolutionary Fence Proves to Reduce Animal Caused Power Outages in Electrical Substations

Morrisville, PA. April 11, 2008 –Animal caused power outages result in millions of dollars of equipment damage and creates thousands of angry consumers each year. The second highest cause of power outages for Electric Utilities in the United States is due to small crawling animals, (weather related outages are the number one cause).

VANQUISH FENCING, INC. took on the fight to reduce the number of animal caused power outages across the nation. Currently working with several large utility companies, Vanquish Fencing offers an all-in-one perimeter fence to keep equipment safe and both people and animals out of substations. This revolutionary V-channel technology keeps animals from accessing the equipment in a safe and humane way, reducing the opportunity for substation
equipment failure.

“Electric Utilities have to change the way they think about the substation fence,” said Don Moore, President of VANQUISH FENCING. “Traditionally the perimeter fence surrounding substations has been to keep people from accidentally interacting with the substation equipment. Now we have transformed the standard fence into a front line defense in the fight to keep small crawling animals out of the substation – effectively stopping them before they can interact with the equipment and cause an outage.”


The VANQUISH V-Channel Deterrent System affectively eliminates traditional opportunities used as access points by animals. This is done by sealing the ground line, corners and gates, forcing the animal to climb to an area of instability. The Utilities pre-approved fence contractor easily installs the system, without the necessity of taking an outage on the part of the utility.

With the increased number of electronics in both residential and commercial areas of the community VANQUISH’s Animal Deterrent System is a proven alternative in the fight to keep the power on.

Vanquish Fencing was founded in 2003 after President Don Moore identified a critical problem among electrical utility companies across the nation, animal caused power outages. These outages result in millions of dollars of equipment damage and create thousands of angry consumers each year. The Vanquish team successfully designed and implemented a fence that solves this problem. The Vanquish V-Channel fence is currently used by several of the industries largest utility companies, and more companies are constantly joining the fight to eliminate animal caused power outages. The VANQUISH V-Channel Deterrent System is available at direct factory purchase pricing through Vanquish Fencing, Inc. For more information about Vanquish Fencing or any of their products please visit, call 215-295-2683 or email [email protected].

VANQUISH’s Perimeter Fence Solutions have proven to be an investment in reliability that essentially guarantees effectiveness.  Not only do we improve reliability performance, we improve customer satisfaction.  All the while we improve the environment for small crawling animals.