Squirrel Sense: Prevailing in Tough Times

By Francie Dalton

Squirrels are always facing intense competition amid threatening socioeconomic conditions. Much of what will equip us to succeed despite these challenging economic times can be discerned by observing their behaviors. They are:

  1. Early risers;
  2. Highly industrious and endlessly striving;
  3. Not intimidated by those larger than they are;
  4. Undaunted that the odds are stacked heavily against them;
  5. Not expectant of help from others; they take responsibility for themselves;
  6. Able to accomplish amazing feats because they’re willing to try what those who are smarter than they are believe to be impossible;
  7. Willing to turn themselves upside down to get what they need;
  8. Establishers of territory or niche, and are willing to be aggressive in defending it;
  9. Perpetually, keenly alert;
  10. Fast – responding instantly to opportunities and threats;
  11. Instantaneous decision makers when necessary;
  12. Willing to be off balance, even to fall;
  13. Willing to take the leap, to take risks, in order to get what they want;
  14. Able to ignore their wounds, and continue their mission;
  15. Resolved not to cower when under peer attack;
  16. Not intimidated by those of larger size;
  17. Confident. They’re committed to outlasting or outsmarting their enemies;
  18. Sophisticated communicators;
  19. Willing to be thought of and treated as pests if that helps them succeed;
  20. Not passive; they behave commensurate with being in a competition for survival;
  21. Action oriented, regardless of their fears. They have a fighting spirit rather than a victim mentality;
  22. Unconquerably persistent. When confronted by barriers, they find another way to win.

They just never, never, never give up.