VANQUISH FENCING, INC. New Animal Deterrent Fence System, VANQUISH’s Modified V-Channel Deterrent System

Proves to Reduce Animal Caused Power Outages in Electric Utility Substations

Morrisville, PA. January 1, 2010 – VANQUISH Fencing reinforces its commitment to reducing animal caused power outages by eliminating animal activity in substations with the release of its newest product; The Modified V-Channel Deterrent System™, PATENT PENDING.  The newest product in the Vanquish line is designed specifically for geographic areas where snow and ice add another variable in the fight to reduce animal activity in the substation.

“Our newest product has proven itself to be as effective as our Standard V-Channel System™ while eliminating the extra load ice and snow bring to the fence line,” said Don Moore, President of VANQUISH FENCING. “The Modified V-Channel Deterrent System™ prevents animals from gaining access to the substation while allowing rain, ice and snow to easily slide off, thus reducing any effects of overloading the fence line.”

VANQUISH’s newest product, although specifically designed for more northern areas of the country has proven to be effective in areas of Mississippi where wind loading and storm rain present a problem to be considered in developing a perimeter fence solution.  A fence solution designed to keep small crawling animals from gaining access to substations where they can interfere with electrical equipment, cause damage and potentially a power outage.

VANQUISH FENCING is one of the nation’s largest providers of animal deterrent solutions for electric utilities with a nationwide reach.  VANQUISH is headquartered in Morrisville, Pennsylvania with manufacturing facilities located in Lancaster and Ivyland, Pennsylvania.  Warehousing and distribution facilities are located in Levittown, Pennsylvania, Monroe, North Carolina and Pearl, Mississippi.  For more information about Vanquish Fencing or any of their products please visit, call 215-295-2863 or email [email protected].

Animals bodies easily bridge the space between wires, transformer components, and sections of the electrical grid that can short circuit the system.  Many instances the animals body remains lodged in the equipment, triggering a continuous fault damaging substation equipment.