VANQUISH Fencing Incorporated at the 2014 Doble Circuit Breaker Test & Maintenance Conference

Morrisville, Pennsylvania, August 12, 2014 – VANQUISH Fencing Incorporated will be exhibiting their full line of Animal Deterrent and Security Fence Systems at the Doble Circuit Breaker Test & Maintenance Conference, October 6-10, 2014, in booth # 61.

VANQUISH plans to highlight their proactive defense in the fight to keep small crawling animals out of substations where they have the ability to interfere with electrical equipment and the potential to cause power outages.

VANQUISH will be showcasing their CIP Security Fence Solutions and their Non-Conductive Fences.  Their PATENTED ANIMAL DETERRENT SYSTEM will also be on hand in their life size display.

The goal of VANQUISH is to create an environment that is safe and secure for substation equipment and intimidating to intruders while adding to the overall appearance and protection of the substation.

VANQUISH Fencing Inc. is a national leader in providing the electrical power industry with customized turnkey solutions that mitigate animal-caused outages, which in turn improve system reliability and profitability.

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Animals bodies easily bridge the space between wires, transformer components, and sections of the electrical grid that can short circuit the system.  Many instances the animals body remains lodged in the equipment, triggering a continuous fault damaging substation equipment.