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Animal Deterrent System

The average substation perimeter fence in the United States is currently 40 years old. Coupled with the fact that existing substation fences, by design, do little to nothing to prevent animals and people from gaining access to the substation, it has become clear that it is time to change the way Electric Utilities view the substation fence.

VANQUISH™’s patented Animal Deterrent System prevents small crawling animals from digging under the fence line, penetrating through the fabric, manipulating corners, and – most importantly – from climbing over the top. When the fence fabric is upgraded from chain-link material to expanded metal, the VANQUISH System directly helps facilities managers and security professionals to deter unwarranted access, delay attack, and detect potential problems before they arise. 

Expanded Metal Fence Fabric Upgrade

Installing expanded metal in place of a standard chain-link fence fabric creates a security barrier that is both formidable and difficult to penetrate. An expanded metal fence will not bend, as it is rigid and solid, with no welds that will weaken or twists that can come undone. The smaller the mesh, or opening size of the diamonds, the more difficult a fence is to climb. Most standard chain links measure approximately 2″ across. Compare that with a 1/2″ or 3/4″ measurement on expanded metal – with an expanded metal fence, there is no way to get a toehold or even a strong fingerhold, preventing a potential intruder from climbing.

VANQUISH uses expanded metal mesh panels produced from solid sheets of carbon steel or aluminum. This material features anti-climb and anti-cut properties inherent to the metal. The fabric is installed using a series of innovative post clamp fittings by which the mesh is then attached to a round post and roll formed line rail framework. The entire system is designed to be extremely flexible and can be customized for not only use in substations, but also for rail lines, power plants, schools, corporate facilities, manufacturing plants, airports, and prisons. With several different expanded metal mesh options to choose from, the expanded metal fence system provides the strength of steel and the benefit of added peace of mind. 

Expanded Metal Fence Features:

  • Schedule 40 round pipe frame construction
  • 1-5/8″ x 1-5/8″ roll formed line rails
  • Optional 45-degree anti-climb panel or barbed wire top above V-Channel
  • Different mesh size options, listed below:
  • Standard heights up to 12′, additional heights available
  • Choice of finish – galvanized or powder coat black or green, custom colors available

Mesh Options Include:

  • 1/2″ #13R diamond sizes
  • 3/4″ #9R diamond sizes
  • 3/4″ #9F diamond sizes
  • 1 1/2″ #9R diamond sizes
  • 2″ #9R diamond sizes

Expanded metal fencing can be retrofitted to existing steel picket or chain link fences for increased security. With a simple series of fittings and expanded metal mesh panels, you can significantly increase physical security and deter access to areas that may have been vulnerable in the past. Retrofitting a chain link fence with expanded metal is a popular choice for sites where theft has become a concern. 

Retrofit Expanded Metal Fence Features:

  • Ability to utilize fence framework already set in place
  • Easily added over existing framework
  • Can completely replace chain link fabric
  • Different mesh size options
  • Standard heights up to 12‘ (additional heights available)
  • Choice of finish (galvanized or powder coat black or green; custom colors available)

Suggested Mesh Options Include:

  • 1/2″ #13R diamond sizes
  • 3/4″ #9R diamond sizes

Expanded metal fences create a formidable physical barrier. VANQUISH’s Animal Deterrent System eliminates animal activity in the substation. When used in conjunction with motion detectors or video surveillance tools, the number of false alarms is greatly reduced, helping facilities personnel to deter, detect, and delay intruders. In most cases, the Security Fence System can pay for itself after one prevented break-in attempt. This system creates a safe, secure, and intimidating environment, adding to the overall appearance and protection of the substation.

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Animals bodies easily bridge the space between wires, transformer components, and sections of the electrical grid that can short circuit the system.  Many instances the animals body remains lodged in the equipment, triggering a continuous fault damaging substation equipment.

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